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.: Payments/Shipping & Trades :.

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Apr. 19th, 2007 | 03:11 pm
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Items will be on hold for maximum of 5 days, after that they will be open for sale/trades


* PAYPAL http://paypal.com

Will now accept payments thru paypal.

will give the details once order is confirmed

* XOOM.COM http://xoom.com
*Note: Xoom has a minimum transaction of  $25
so whether it includes shipping or not, as long as your total cost reaches $25

* WESTERNUNION.COM http://westernunion.com
(I don't think they have a minimum sending amount, but have an expensive transfer fee compared to xoom)

*No Checks, Money Order, Cash
I don't accept any as of now, it's too risky.

*Prices are Negotiable*
Feel free to send me a message
DA: http://www.twistedkawaii.deviantart.com
email: devil_may_dante@yahoo.com


Minimum International Shipping= $1.00, will increase depending on item, quantity and weight
Registered Mail Fee: $1.50

Ordinary mail for stickers 
I will use a envelope with bubble wrap for small items, pack stationaries
Packages will be used for bigger more fragile items


I may accept item trades.  Things I want are...

*Emily the Strange E-Gift Certificate $25 minimum
*Emily the Strange Stuff

*Tokidoki Lesportsac (I wish)
*Nightmare Before Christmas
*Anime Plushies (trigun, hunterxhunter, rurouni kenshin, sanrio)
*Anime Manga

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